It is a very old variety, dating back to the 12th century according to the Archives of La Seo, and it was called Crespiello, which was later changed to Vidadico, and then finally, Vidadillo. It is native to Aragon, and has remained in cultivation in Almonacid de La Sierra.

It is a very rustic, very productive and late variety. That is why it needs very dry soil, which puts the brakes on the vigour of the plant.

Our vineyard was planted in 1900, and is calcareous. And at an altitude of 500 metres, with high temperatures in summer, and nights with a certain amount of dew, it has a late harvest.

It needs a specific type of pruning, leaving the canes with a lot of buds, so a large number of clusters are produced, and when the time comes partial fertilisation is produced, with clusters with loose berries. In this way, the grapes can be kept healthy until they are fully ripe.

It is a tannic variety, with a lot of malic acid, and when produced traditionally it used to result in astringent, bitter, acidic and hard wines.

Its cultivation has been maintained because its harvests are very regular. It always produces harvest.