Gorys Garnacha 2020

GORYS Grenache

Made with fine Garnacha grapes planted in a very peculiar and unique soil. The terroirs, very rich in lime, sit on very peculiar size limestone rocks that drain water very easily.

In the deep subsoil, minimum 3 metres below the surface, there are subterranean water currents adding the perfectly minute level of humidity decisive for a slow ripening of the grapes and to withstand the usual high temperatures.

Grapes are selected and separated into different tanks. To obtain fresh fruit and color we then leave them in cold maceration for four days in tanks we have previously sown with selected commercial yeasts. The alcoholic fermentation, under controlled temperature, begins on day five. Shortly after we devat, microoxigenate and start the malolactic fermentation.

We maintain the wine on fine lees for its protection and to keep the freshness of the fruit.

Bottled in January 2021.